Monthly check-up with our sourcer of the year – June

Since the discovery of the Internet in the 60s, our world has been changing massively. This technology made a revolution in our lives, and every day makes us see many things differently.


It is a powerful resource to have fast information, discover new worlds, and connect with people. But in the same way it has changed our lives, it is also changing the way we work.


With better technology and equipment, we are now facing a world where working from everywhere is completely possible for a big part of professionals.


Including me.


Although I did try to write about anything else, it was impossible to run away from this topic. So here I am.


For many different reasons, I am leaving this beautiful country which is The Netherlands, and coming back to my home country, Brazil.


Luckily, it will only be a goodbye to the Netherlands. I continue to do my work at Successr and help our clients from Brazil. The only difference is our time zones and seasons.


Yes! Winter is coming… AGAIN.


Welcome to my reality: after living in this rainy weather and desiring for Brazilian sun a lot of time during these years, I am leaving during the not so sunny Dutch summer and coming back during the rainy Brazilian winter.


What a contradiction! haha


It was not the weather that concerned me the most though. It was saying goodbye to the best organisation, teams and job I had in all my career.


Since I joined Successr, I had a lot of changes in my life and one of the best of them was to become a true Sourcer and the support I got with that. People who believe in people rather than only resumes; those are the best ones!


On one hand, I feel privileged to engage in this new world. On the other I have mixed feelings about not working in the office anymore.


If you know me personally, you know that I am not the most communicative person in the world. This does not decrease the importance of people in my life though.


Because of this, June has been a roller coaster of emotions with gifts I received and people saying firewall (I will start a riot to stop saying firewall).


I guess the same way this is new for me, it is new for the team as well.


Many people say remote work does not allow people to have real connections. That the work is not the same and working in the office is better. 


Personally, I do not believe it, but in case this is true, I am glad I had the opportunity to work with these people here. Now it is time for change, and I am ready to prove this people are wrong, to keep the flow of my work and our relations from the other side of the Atlantic Ocean. 

Successr Brazil, here we go. 


My hello to Elon Musk, by the way.


See you next month!

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