Remote working

Ever since I was young, I had this urge to see and explore the world. In one of the first videos ever made of me I was 4 years old, sitting on my bike with a backpack and telling my parents I would go to Africa….

International recruitment

Recently I was talking to a potential client that was complaining about how difficult it is to hire technical employees. I was curious, so asked him why he struggled so much. He answered that there would not be enough qualified candidates in The Netherlands. My natural reaction was to ask him why he did not recruit abroad, on which he told me that they did not want to do it because ‘it would not work at their company’….

Xcelerate Traineeship: Launch your career as a Recruiter at Successr!

Are you looking for the ultimate opportunity to start your career as a corporate recruiter? But you don’t have the right skills or experience yet? No worries, we’ve got you covered! In one year, we will guide you through our Recruitment Traineeship….

SuccessR in Eindhoven Business

Chrissy Broeders en Annemarie Valentijn vertellen in Eindhoven Business hoe SuccessR strategische impact maakt bij bedrijven….

Van talent acquisition naar talent management ― klantcase

Directie en management zoeken constant naar de balans tussen het managen van het heden en het designen van de toekomst. Talent management moet daarop aansluiten. Lees hoe wij de stap maakten van transactie naar transformatie en van talent acquisition naar talent management….

Lightyear recruitment by Successr

Successr and Lightyear join forces to find the talent for a sustainable future. Amazing to be part of the mission of Lightyear and to contribute to a cleaner planet!…

Annemarie Valentijn starts as Business Unit Manager Interim Management

We’re pleased to announce that as of March 15th 2021, our team has been expanded to include Annemarie Valentijn. Annemarie, as our Business Unit Manager Interim Management, will be responsible for the future expansion of our interim management proposition….

What is your legacy?

My father and my manager retired around the same time last year. They come from a generation that believes that hard work is the most important guarantee of success. Their farewell prompted me to think about what I wanted to have achieved in my life. …

Who will be my successor? An interview with Tanno Bregonje

Finding a successful successor for your organisation is becoming increasingly difficult. It used to be simple: the company would be passed from father to son, from generation to generation. Families assumed that the blood relative would be the best possible successor, and that the new heir…