4 tips to increase happiness at work

Working is a major part of our life, so we better make it a good time! Being happy at work makes you more productive, make better workers and are more likely to go that extra mile (Forbes, 2017). Enough reason to spend some attention to it! At Successr, we are consciously spending attention to happiness at work. Here are our best tips!


  1. Work from purpose

The core of being happy at work, is to love the job itself. For Successr, it is important that everyone works from a place of passion and curiosity. The feeling that you are part of a bigger picture can give people more purpose and make them happier at work. You can do this by involve employees in setting up your purpose and values. In a session they can think along so that it really starts to live for them.


  1. Learn new skills

At some point in a job, you may feel like the days are starting to look like each other. Especially in times of COVID where most people work from home. That is why it is important to keep pushing yourself out of your comfort zone and learn new things. Learning is a great tool to improve your happiness. We practically do this by setting up a development plan and talk about this with your mentor. But you also have all the freedom to set up your own projects and do trainings on where you want to develop in.


  1. Keep in close contact with colleagues

Strong and supportive relationships have a positive impact on our health and happiness. We all know that people “join a company, but leave a boss and/or colleagues”. Meaningful relationships are crucial for us to be happy. Despite all the working from home, we at Successr try to stay in touch with each other a lot via informal meetings, fun team meetings and just by asking each other from time to time how it is going. We try to be a positive place where you can share your successes, but also your struggles.


  1. Be flexible as an employer

To make their own choices makes people happy. Therefore, you can play a major part in the happiness of employees by being a flexible employer. Let employees choose for themselves where and how they want to work and on what times. This also requires a great deal of responsibility, but we trust our people to do their thing. If flexibility is given in a setting of total trust and support, this can create a culture of major happiness.


By being flexible as an employer, you enable employees to have the right work-life balance at the same time. These work-life needs vary strongly per person: it depends if they have children, if they are more a morning or evening person, how close they live to the office etc, what kind of working times they would prefer. By making this an open topic, you enable employees to be the best version they can be.

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