Coredux Business Case

About Coredux

Coredux designs and produces artery systems to bring machinery to life. You can think of metal hoses and connections for the high-tech industry. Their purpose is to find the right future-proof solutions for their clients all over the world. They value innovativeness, quality, responsibility, respect, and integrity more than anything.


The partnership between Successr and Coredux

Beginning of 2020, Coredux came to Successr with a question regarding their recruitment. They had over 10 vacancies that were open already for a longer time. These needed to be filled in with the right people to prevent they were going to cope with capacity problems. This is where the collaboration started. Our Successrs Hessel started as a recruiter and Susanne as a sourcer.


The added value of Successr

The main role was taken in the guidance of the recruitment and selection procedure. The Successrs took a proactive role in the communication with the hiring managers, internal HR and the management. Also, they boosted the awareness internally of how important recruitment and employer branding is for the business. It resulted in filling in 70% of the vacancies.


Most important is to set up a strategic partnership, instead of just filling the vacancies and that is exactly what we did. The recruitment processes were also supported and reshaped, with for example 360 recruitment. We provided them expert advice and we showed them the importance of sourcing and how this could help them to stay sustainable for the future.


The challenges

In the beginning, Employer Branding was not a focus point for Coredux. So here we gave them some guidance. Guiding the internal recruitment process with associated stakeholder management was also considered to be challenging but ended in a very satisfactory partnership for both parties!

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