Experience story of a trainee at Successr

Who are you and what is your background / experience?

I am Maria, 27 years old and I am from Greece. I moved to The Netherlands in 2017 together with my boyfriend who is half Dutch, half Greek. I studied psychology. I love understanding people’s minds. But I did not want to become a therapist. I was more interested in positive psychology. I did my masters in Maastricht in Work & Organizational psychology. During my thesis, I did a Recruitment & Employer Branding internship at Numbers in Amsterdam. They are all about the payroll process, which was really interesting. This internship really defined my mindset about what I wanted to be.


When I graduated, I had a very hard time finding a job. I did not speak Dutch and then COVID hit. I felt a bit lost, and in this time I really figured out what I wanted to do. I started my own business in coaching. But then via Peter, I connected to Successr. He had a great opportunity for me and now I am working as a fulltime talent sourcer for Lightyear via Successr and am I in their traineeship.


Can you tell a funny fact about yourself?

I love Latin dance since I was very little. I even have a teaching diploma for it! Also, I could survive solely on milky coffees and pasta if needed.


What makes Successr so unique?

What is so special about Successr is that I felt that they were not interested in me just as an asset, but were actually interested in me and my story.


I also really knew what kind of company I wanted to work for by now: not for an agency, not heavily sales driven and not at a company that would see people not as numbers. What I value a lot about Successr is their holistic perspective: they focus not just on recruitment, but on the full process. This really motivates me and makes it easy to work from my purpose.


Besides that, Successr has an informal, friendly, supportive, and inclusive mindset. We have people with all types of personalities, but we all think and communicate the same. We really care about people: we genuinely want them to find their dream job.


What do you like best about the traineeship?

It’s truly hands-on, you get lots of freedom and you gain loads of experience at great customers. The best word I would use to describe it is: Empowerment.


You usually start off with no experience. In this traineeship you get pushed to try new things and establish your own way of working. You get a lot of freedom, but Successr still has your back. You can do your thing, but they catch you if you fall. We see all these experiences as opportunities to learn from.


I also love it that you are integrated in 2 different companies, and you get the best of both worlds. On one hand, you are with like-minded and experienced people at Successr where you can learn from and on the other hand you can bring it in practice at your client.


Besides the fact that you gain a lot of knowledge, it is also great fun! There is true teamwork going on and there is no competition because we actually help each other. Therefore, we also do not work with targets or bonusses. It’s just really about helping other people and do the best we can for them.


Can you tell us a bit more about the content of the Traineeship?

Sure! I started fulltime at Lightyear. I am on their office once a week. I am recruiting for 6 roles, so this keeps me busy for the whole week. I am their only sourcer, but I work together with some recruiters. In my first month I got 2 trainings from an experienced sourcer. These were some great tips and tricks that I could immediately bring into practice.


Once a week, there is a team sourcing meeting: we talk about how it is going, the different type of recruiters and metrics for example. Also there is a Recruitment Team meeting once a week in which we discuss broader topics.


I also have a buddy that can always help me with anything. I had the luck to be paired with someone that also previously worked at my client, so that is really handy. I do feel super supported by everyone though, everyone is sort of my buddy!


What are the biggest challenge you are facing?

As I mentioned, you get a lot of freedom which is great but also challenging. I am constantly thinking: how can I invest my time the best? I try to be conscious with it. Also invest it consciously in personal development like reading an article or doing a training so that I can grow as much as possible.


Also, you need to be comfortable with trail and error. You are set on a project immediately, so you need to get your hands dirty and be bold to ask questions. Its important here to find the balance between challenged and getting frustrated. Do not expect that you can do it all alone, but ask for help. Put good use in the team that you have as a backup! Push yourself, but also take care of yourself and your boundaries.


And lastly, why should you join us?

In short, Successr has an empowering environment. You can just go out there and do stuff. The culture is amazing: its inclusive, informal, fun, supportive and we work for great customers that have the same values. And, these great customers really have a purpose and make an impact. They are carefully selected to suit Successr the best way possible and you notice that in everything! So what are you waiting for?

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