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Transformative HR solutions to identify and engage the right talent of the future for your organisation. You may not know who or what you’re looking for, or you may only have an idea. That is why, instead of transactions, we think in terms of transformative HR Solutions. Let us show you the possibilities.

Talent Design House

Transformative HR solutions to identify and engage the right talent of the future for your organisation. You may not know who or what you’re looking for, or you may only have an idea. That is why, instead of transactions, we think in terms of transformative HR Solutions. Let us show you the possibilities.

From transactions to transformations

Using databases to find matches is no longer a viable option. Key positions deserve a recruitment approach based on your own business strategy. Because every new vacancy is an opportunity to achieve your business goals. That is why we deliver client specific solutions, work closely together with you and consider the whole picture. From your company culture, strategy and business context, to employees and links to the future. Together, we recruit and retain leaders for your organisation.

As talent consultants, we collaborate with you as a business partner. We offer transformative recruitment solutions to identify and attract future leaders to your organisation. Often, you may not know who or what you’re looking for. Sometimes you have an idea, but if we continue to ask questions and consider the entire context, we might find a better solution. That’s why we never think in transactions, but in transformations.

Human Centered Leadership

With the Human Centred Leadership model, we offer total leadership solutions. Together, we build sustainable management teams which not only embrace continuous change, but also use it to improve and become stronger.

From organisational chart to collective

It’s no longer about you as a leader, but  about you and the collective. To perform in today’s world, you must think beyond your own ego and focus on empathy. Use the collective in a reciprocal way. Look into the different versions of the truth, examine them and extract your own truth. Keep moving. Respond as a leader to the demands of the new technology-driven world. Knowledge doesn’t only come from the top of the organisation. Most of it is found in the collective.

Executive Search & Leadership Succession

A key position is vacant. A position for an enterprising professional with knowledge and vision. Someone who fits in your organisation and the team. And most of all someone who helps you achieve you organisational goals and ambitions.

We’re going to support you. We will be the proactive partner throughout the recruitment process, providing insight into your own organisation. We’ll think with you. Not just in the acquisition itself, but across the length, breadth, and depth of your organisation. We’ll help you take a step back; to look at your organisation through the eyes of your candidates, and start thinking big.

The road to a future filled with HR success is not always straight or smooth. But together we can achieve a sustainable future.

We as leaders realize that the decisions we make impact the sustainable well-being of our employees, organization, society and planet.

“In a short time, Successr showed that it is capable of getting to the heart of our organisation, and successfully filled four complex executive positions.”

Finn Wuijster

, HR Director


Talent Acquisition

We know how to find the right talent. Whether it is about global talent acquisition strategies or pragmatic scale-up solutions, we deliver it with vision, dedication, and above all passion! As a child of  the Brainport region, we are proud of the Dutch technology and manufacturing industry. This is where we have developed our experience and expertise.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)

Do you (partially) outsource your recruitment to Successr? Our experts are an extension of your organisation, and work on your position in the labour market. In-house. In this way, we can have short lines in communication and gain in-depth knowledge of your organisation. Together, we help you build an authentic employer brand. No standard solutions or messages like the ones your competitors rely on. Instead, a tailor-made campaign that fits your specific issues and target groups.

“We are facing the boundaries of the ecological, economic and societal systems. We cannot deal with emerging realities without a change of perspective.”

Change as a constant

The labour market is constantly evolving. We acknowledge this from the very first step. We adapt our services and ensure that your organisation runs as smoothly as possible. In this way, we guarantee continuity, and can assess and adjust your employer brand in a way that results in identifying real talent.

Your people are your network

Sharing is contagious. We’re constantly acquiring knowledge from your organisation, and we share what we learn. With everyone. Because what emerges from the organisation is the story we can communicate to the outside world. This is authentic. Your people will feel involved, and will actively participate in finding new colleagues and leaders.

And don’t worry about their performance in presentations or communication. We’ll assist them with interview skills and LinkedIn courses.

The power of the collective.

The Successr team has extensive international experience in mobilising scarce talent in a tight labour market. Every issue is different. But, with our experience, tools, and network, you can be assured of the best solution. The secret ingredients to effective recruitment are empathy, perseverance, creativity, and solution-oriented thinking. These are skills and capabilities we have developed over the years.

Successr has an international sourcing network and a specialised research team. We establish solid market and target group analysis, and we activate the right talent. We’re committed to our promises. When we take on a project, we continue until the best solution is found. If necessary, we involve our network of permanent and freelance specialists in the process.

Employer Branding

Employer branding is much more than a campaign you adopt for a few months at the beginning of the year. It’s a continuous process with a number of touchpoints when your potential target group may consider a transfer. Candidates have infinite choices these days, so you can’t afford to be inconsistent or unrealistic in your promises. People stopped looking only at the main terms of employment a long time ago. They consider the entire organisation. And especially the managers with whom they will be working.

Recruit with your employees

Happy employees are the best advertisement for your organisation. That’s why it is so important to give your employees the space and resources they need to assist you. A powerful employer brand is built with your employees! They are the greatest ambassadors. If they’re motivated to help, they’ll be a magnet for new talent.

“Successr has proven itself a partner for AMS-IX by filling a number of key positions in a short time. Its services are a genuine value-add for any organisation!”

Peter van Burgel



Amsterdam Internet Exchange

Talent Management & HR Transformation

People who work well together because they not only understand the culture, but support and promote it, render your organisation unstoppable. Identifying, engaging, and developing employees should be in line with your business strategy. Do we have the right talent to realise our strategy? Do we have the right leaders to steer our organisation towards the future?
Successr helps you unlock your full potential and translate the organisation’s purpose and strategy into sustainable talent management strategies.

• Talent Management & Performance Management
• Leadership & team development
• HR (digital) Transformatie Programmas
• Employee Experience design
• HR consultancy / interim specialists

The employee experience

The employee experience is the psychological sum of the different perceptions of employees. It’s their feeling in all interactions with the organisation in which they work.


Financial considerations are no longer the primary motive for most employees. It’s all about the experience. They’re looking for meaningful work. They want to be in control of their own careers. And, together with their managers, they want to shape the organisation and develop their own talent.

Employee experience journeys

Successr supports your organisation in designing these employee experience journeys. Together, we’ll structure your organisation in order to embed and use present and future changes to become stronger. The possibilities for employees to choose their own career path are endless. We’re happy to advise on HRIT systems or other digital platforms that enable employees to take control.

“Successr really came as a lifesaver and made a big change for us!”

Nicolas Picart

, Operations and Maintenance Manager

Material handling and Logistics Automation company


Interim Management

The show must go on.
You are looking for a temporary successor for an executive or management position. Someone who fits within the organisation and the team, and who is capable to run day-to-day business activities. It needs to be someone who takes advantages of  opportunities to optimise business. Someone who sees your organisation objectively and focuses on continuity.

Every project deserves a suitable interim manager

Sometimes you need a temporary replacement. For a transition project, upscaling your business, a crisis, or while you’re looking for the ultimate permanent replacement. However, you will always look for the right person for the right position, even if it’s temporary. Someone who understands the organisation and the request. We have an extensive, but carefully selected network of interim specialists. Professionals from the premier league who aim to create future-proof organisations. They work within:

• Senior Interim Management
• Risk Management and Special Asset Management
• Crisis Management and Consultancy

“Successr really came as a lifesaver and made a big change for us!”

Nicolas Picart

, Operations and Maintenance Manager

Material handling and Logistics Automation company


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