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Enterprising. Determined. Professional. Ambitious. These are the qualities of a successful leader with a sustainable vision in a family business. They are also the qualities of an entrepreneurial manager or executive, who is ready for the next step. Finding a successor is one thing. Succeeding together, that’s another.



I’m looking for a new challenge

We offer key positions in the manufacturing, technology, automotive, high tech and services industry. So, you have earned your stripes in your previous or current job? And now you feel like you’re ready for more. Moreover, your potential demands it. Let us match you on skills, personality and goals. Whether you are looking for a fixed, interim or even management buy in opportunity. There are several paths that lead to the right opportunity.

I’m looking for the right successor

Key positions need an enterprising professional, with knowledge and a clear vision. Your next successor must continuously enhance the organization and its teams. Understanding the organizational structure, the opportunities and risks is key. You’re on the right track with us. There are a few bumps along the road, but we help you get over them flawlessly. We’ll help you zoom out and think big. So you can move on to a sustainable and successful future, together.


“Making companies and successors succeed, is what I stand for!”


“Setting up an effective team is my most important goal.”

We achieve successes


Success is a team effort. The result of a passionate candidate. A goal-oriented company. The open minds of all involved parties. We stimulate, build and maintain good communication.


We achieve the results together, with a constructive approach. So we can look back with pride, on a successful collaborations and solid results.

Why Successr?

We want to get to know you. We want to know where your success comes from – and build on it. We supplement your success with other factors. Are you the best candidate for a successful key position? And on the lookout for a position in which you can be the best version of yourself? Let’s discover your full potential together.

Oh, and we always go all the way. We look at the full picture and go beyond just the match. We take in consideration the structure, the financial situation and your goals for the future.


“Looking for your successor? I’m ready!”

“Ready for a challenge? You’re my successor!”

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