This is Successr

We work with clear vision, dedication and most important, passion. Passion for our job, passion for Recruitment!

This is Successr

We work with clear vision, dedication and most important, passion. Passion for our job, passion for Recruitment!

Talent Acquisition Experts

It’s our mission to prove that recruitment should be done differently. And, more importantly, it can be done differently. The team of Successr has a broad (international) experience in corporate recruitment positions at high-profile organisations. We have done some wonderful projects and a great track record.

We want to share our knowledge and deploy it for companies in need of high-quality recruitment.

Creativity as a driver for success

Creative people can make something out of nothing. They don’t accept the status quo without question. They innovate and find solutions where others stop or fail.

We’re those creative thinkers. We’re the strategists who provide a solid foundation for your HR efforts. A strategy that puts your people first. Together, we’ll create a future-proof organisation.

The need for quality is leading

Whatever your background, we’ll help you. Do you want to grow fast? Do you need more experience or expertise? Or perhaps you don’t have the right kind of expertise. No time or not enough capacity? We are able to help you!

Targeting difficult audiences requires focus, time, and expertise. Recruitment is a continuous process without a pause button. You need to always be in the picture, a constant consideration for your target group. You want to make contact and find out what the other person has to offer. That way, you can make the right match at the right time. That doesn’t always have to happen in a grand and compelling manner. But everything should fit.

We offer customised solutions. No matter the size of your company.

The team

Dorus Swinkels

Founder & Managing Director

Chrissy Broeders

Operations Director RPO

Annemarie Valentijn

Business Unit Manager Interim Management

Hessel van der Valk

Recruitment Business Partner

Susanne Haasbroek

Senior Consultant

Morena Hygino

Recruitment Business Partner

Fleur Pernet

Talent management & Leadership Development

Paula Bos

Recruitment Marketeer

Alexander Snoeren

Recruitment Business Partner

Juliëtte van Kraaij

Recruitment Business Partner

Ralph Jonker

Recruitment Business Partner

Maaike van den Heuvel-Heesbeen


Maria Papadaki

Talent Sourcer

Cas Hermans

Talent Sourcer

Rafaela Dalmás

Talent Sourcer

Iliana Kakava

Talent Sourcer

Nicole Borja Mellos

Talent Sourcer

Sigal Shepher

Recruitment Business Partner

Recruitment Business Partner, Recruiter, Recruiting, Recruitment

Nadia Ocnariu

Recruitment Business Partner

Bram van den Heuvel


Pieter van den Tillaart


Robin van Oss

Junior Talent Consultant

team member, sourcer, recruiter, recruitment

Claudia Galeandro

Talent Sourcer

Vera, teammember

Vera Nijssen

Talent Sourcer

Wessel Grol

Talent Consultant

Success is something we achieve together

We’re aware of our qualities. But we’re also aware of our boundaries. Successr is fortunate to have an extensive network of specialists in various fields. If we decide that it’s necessary to involve additional and external specialists, we’ll arrange the right person at the right time, in the right place.


GGD Investments launches entrepreneurs and boosts companies. Starting up, laying foundations, expanding, identifying opportunities, and organising processes. Everyone of them is a specialist in the field of entrepreneurship, with everything that goes with it. With all that experience, you develop an enterprising instinct. Precise timing, establishing connections with just the right people, and recognising opportunities. Great minds, a solid approach, and proven success.


Youknights battle like knights. For companies with growing pains, complicated change or succession issues. Working together with senior interim management, their commitment and involvement to supervision is second to none. With financial and legal knowledge, market insights, sharp analyses, and smart optimisations, this company makes its clients’ dreams come true. Close friends, great work, with an exceptional track record.

Our satisfied clients


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