Monthly check-up with our sourcer of the year – May

Can you imagine how hard it is when you do not fit into the profession you studied hard for to become?

Can you imagine how challenging it is to start all over again, but now with a ‘bonus track’: a different country, different languages, different cultures?

Believe me, I can.


And why? Because I actually passed through all of them. I can guarantee you, lots of questions, trials, and errors to find the right thing to do.


To find my motivation.


To find a career where I would add value rather than just days in my routine. And here I am: after almost three years of discoveries: I am now happy as a Talent Sourcer.


But let’s start from the beginning: I am a Brazilian who used to be a lawyer – a junior one – and after trying and more trying-to-adapt kind of thing decided to change for a people-oriented career. Best shot ever!


I moved to the Netherlands in 2019, and once I was here, I decided to pursue a career as a Recruiter, but in the journey, I fell in love with sourcing.


Sourcing is the first part of the recruitment, which means I focus on finding talents wherever they are. This happens mostly online, where I contact them with opportunities, and from there, connecting them to our clients. 


Different from the Recruiter, I spend most of my time thinking about strategies on how the right talents see themselves and translate it into their Linkedin profile and other social media.


Therefore, our job is much deeper than typing Boolean strings. In order to be able to find the best talents and to make the best match between a candidate and the company, we first need to study the company, its industry, and how our client is moving in the current market.


From the candidate’s point of view, we first need to understand the niche where the candidate is inserted, how they communicate, and how they prefer to be approached.


Only after having all this knowledge in mind, I can move to the last step and build our beloved boolean searches.


On the other hand, the Recruiter will connect the Sourcer and the business by thinking about the best strategies on how to fill a position.


I like to see recruiters as the bridge between Sourcer and client, the business matchmakers, and the sourcer as the explorer, the talent hunter.


So, no, I am not conducting interviews or managing strategies about which roles could be the best ones for the business and which profile could be the best fit for a specific position.


I am there, outside, connecting people with new career opportunities. And, why not? Helping people to start successful stories within our clients.


Hello, nice to meet you. My name is Nicole and no, I am not a Recruiter, I am a Talent Sourcer here at Successr.


From now on, I will be sharing my daily work every month, and it will be a pleasure to talk about the love and pain of being a Sourcer.


Ok, much more love than pain, I should say. But I invite you to check it together with me!


See you next month!

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