Our Sourcing Team Lead Maria on innovative recruitment strategies, data analytics & AI

Building connections far ahead of demand

Companies usually come to us when they urgently need candidates due to low candidate availability. This urgency can turn the recruitment process into a reactive scramble to locate suitable candidates.


We understand that in a competitive job market, waiting for a job opening is simply too late. That is why our sourcing strategies and talent pooling approach focus on building relationships with potential candidates before the need arises. We keep a pool of pre-qualified individuals and regularly engage with them through tailored content about our clients. This content is tailored to each candidate’s “readiness” to step into the recruitment process.


This way, we are ready to connect our clients with the desired talent when the right time comes. Even in reactive sourcing situations, our Talent Sourcers act as brand ambassadors. This is how we nurture connections that lead to hires in the short or long term.


Beyond blindfolded LinkedIn searches

It is pretty common for companies to hand over a job description and have recruiters rush straight to LinkedIn to find candidates. But honestly, this is like trying to find the perfect fit while wearing a blindfold.


Our approach therefore is a bit different. Before we even kick-off, we take the time to dive deep into the persona we are targeting and the current market state. We perform a preliminary market scan to be prepared for a constructive intake conversation with our client. Then we continue with thorough research and use data to build the right sourcing strategy.


We don’t just rely on job descriptions. We use our own historical data and benchmarks. On the candidate side, we get to know where the right candidates hang out, what makes them tick, and what they’re looking for. We’re all about gauging the odds of success. Plus, we take a broader view, looking at top target companies, supply and demand, and how many similar job openings are out there.


Cultural alignment for long-term matches

When we start to work with a new client, we initiate an onboarding process that varies in length. Prior to commencing the project, we take time to gain insights into the client’s identity, activities, unique selling points, organizational structure, values, and more. Occasionally, we even spend a full day on-site to truly immerse ourselves in their company culture. While we don’t always require such extensive immersion, we consistently ensure that our questionnaire thoroughly covers these aspects. We inquire about their team structure, the roles of new team members, and the desired qualities in those individuals. Even though we can’t directly assess personality, we employ various strategies to work around this limitation.


As soon as the candidate is interested, we do a pre-screening. In this conversation, we do not only check on the practical match (like their salary range) but also who they really are and what their intrinsic motivation is. It remains quite challenging to source for personality, but getting to know the company and the person is a good start to create a more sustainable match in the end.


We go where the talent goes

We know that finding the right talent sometimes means thinking outside the box. While LinkedIn is a trusty go-to for us because it’s reliable and gives access to a wide pool of potential candidates, we don’t stop there. We take a personalized approach.


Depending on the job, the target audience, and the insights we gather from historical data and our market research, we get creative. Sometimes that means going beyond the usual platforms. We know for example that certain target groups, like software engineers, can be found in specific tech platforms. We’ve even had success finding candidates on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram.


Our goal is simple: We want to be where the talent is, whether that’s on the popular platforms or some unexpected corners of the internet. We even have dedicated subject matter experts on our team who keep exploring the sourcing ground and what is useful for us and our client portfolio.



Searching beyond borders

We’ve successfully sourced candidates internationally, whether they’re willing to relocate or are working remotely from their home country. My role as a Talent Sourcer involves gathering information about the company’s situation and tailoring our sourcing strategy to meet their location and scope preferences. We start by discussing international sourcing in the kick-off meeting by understanding the company’s legal requirements and relocation policies.


When approaching candidates for international positions, we provide a comprehensive offer and all necessary information, ensuring transparency throughout the process. This approach helps us manage international complexities while providing a smooth experience for both clients and candidates.


The age of AI: the end of human touch?

I believe that our team has a good balance between being data-driven, but also staying human. With many team members having backgrounds in psychology, we’re naturally people-oriented. We understand the value of personal interaction with candidates, recognizing that social skills remain essential.


While we leverage AI to enhance our understanding of target personas, improve market analysis, and optimize content creation, we firmly believe that the human factor can’t be fully replaced. It’s unique and irreplaceable.


We also use AI for innovation, exploring new tools and platforms to advance our sourcing capabilities while preserving the human touch that makes our approach distinct.


This is our Successr Talent Sourcing approach

  • We truly see the importance of market research, especially for niche functions and industries. We continuously assess our clients’ specific needs, monitor dynamic market trends, and leverage both real-time market insights and our team’s collective knowledge to craft customized sourcing strategies.


  • We try to be as creative as possible when we are on the hunt for talent. We go beyond job titles and LinkedIn searches, striving to comprehend our client’s true ideal candidate persona by delving into their desired skillset and seeking the perfect match, ensuring we go the extra mile to find the right fit.


  • We differentiate ourselves by engagement and personalization when we approach candidates. We persist beyond initial disinterest, aiming to uncover candidates’ true motivations, using their feedback to enhance our approach, and focusing on crafting personalized messages that resonate with their interests and needs, emphasizing engagement and mutual benefit in our candidate interactions.


Can you also use some help with hiring the right talent to let your company grow? Reach out to Maria: Maria.papadaki@successr.nl!

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